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About Us

Telebyte is a multi modal telecommunications company competing fairly in a convergent Australian Telecom - Data market. It services business and home needs, countrywide. We offer are great rates, an innovative product set coupled with state of the art service. Our portfolio includes Fixed Line, Broadband and Bundle services on the PSTN and ADSL/ADSL2+ platforms'; aggressively backed by top line client engagement and seven days a week support. Serving a clientele that includes small, medium business and domestic customers we're committed to raising the bar! We undertake authentication, pricing, billing, support and product fulfillment. Telebyte leverages technology to compliment lifestyle and business requirements. We're striving to create Value that fosters interactions with our community as a whole. Our clientele laud the simplicity and convenience we offer. At Telebyte, feedback is serious business. Our Corporate Success is determined in implementing customers' voices. It drives sustenance and the ability to grow our client base. Cent per cent Australian is what our customers prefer; Telebyte employs multi-cultural staff and is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Phone plans are designed for the subscribers' convenience. Untimed local calls are included in our basic phone plans. Our broadband plans delimit data usage with uncapped data plans. Customers can forget inflated bills! Meticulously crafted bundles offer unlimited data and countrywide calls including 1800 numbers. All our plans include line rental and GST. Customers can leave details for an on-demand plan tailored specifically for them.

We handle a large portfolio and are multi-tasked. Calling issues, billing problems, data faults, and relocations'; are taken care off right from sign-up. We work with the best in business, to ensure an effective, agile network that stays connected round the clock. In case of a fault with calls or data our specialty tech team will assist promptly. We're happy to arrange a Technicians' visit, when required. We send simple, summarized invoices with itemized sections for maximum clarity.

Our trained staff work on all business days, and are trained to prioritize calls and optimize service interactions. Whatever the query, our staff will help. We are available: Monday to Friday: 8am to 7pm (AEST), Saturday: 9am to 6pm (AEST), Sunday: Closed, Public Holidays: 9am to 6pm (AEST). If you call outside regular business hours or do not want to wait, please leave details for us to revert promptly.

At Telebyte - we innovate, you benefit.